Librarians, Leadership & Learning

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — September 25, 2016

I’m excited to visit the 2016 Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, New York-New Jersey Chapter and the Philadelphia Chapters of the Medical Library Association as a keynote speaker.


Leading from the Library: Authentic Learning that Emphasizes Curiosity, Context and Confidence

When we ask learners to master the moves experts and professionals use to find good information, learn from it, and use it creatively and rigorously to make decisions and solve problems, we’re asking a lot. Scratch the surface of evidence based practice or problem based learning and you will find a complex web of skills, content knowledge, epistemological frameworks, and cognitive dispositions that learners must navigate to be successful. Success takes time and repeated opportunities to practice. It requires learners who have been successful to learn new habits of mind and develop new ways of knowing. As librarians, we occupy a unique position in our organizations, working across organizational structures and boundaries. We are well-positioned to see the cognitive and affective barriers our learners face as they learn to research like professionals, and to advocate for their needs. We will talk about the many dimensions of teaching and learning in our libraries, and share strategies for designing authentic learning activities that respect the complex problems we all face.

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