Tautoethnography-coverhe Self as Subject is an edited collection of autoethnographic narratives focused on identity, culture and academic librarianship. I serves as the lead editor on this project, working closely with my co-editors Rick Stoddart (Lane Community College) and Bob Schroeder (formerly at Portland State University, currently happily retired).

The project website includes selected chapters, process stories, information about the learning community, and links to reviews.

This project is really important to me, on a couple of levels.  First, we put together a learning community of librarians to explore the method with is.  As my good friend Nicholas Schiller said, “we may not learn research methods in library school, but as librarians we have learned how to learn.” This project taps into that. Secondly, this is a method that I think is very exciting because it offers a way to capture and share that embodied, in-the-moment practice knowledge that informs so much of what we do in librarianship.